Lendon Seed

Price List:

Current Prices and Services (GST Included). Prices may be subject to change without notice.

Dirty sample Cleaning Fee $10.00

Cereals (Germ/Vigor/Fus-gram & Culm Root Rot)$145.00
Cereals (Germ/Vigor/Fus-gram & Culm)$115.00
Pulses (Germ/Vigor/All Diseases)$145.00
*Vigor (All crop kinds) $60.00
GLYPHOSATE damage test $75.00
*Fusarium (Graminearim/Culmorum) $55.00
*All Fusarium Species $85.00
*Root Rot (Cochlibolus sativus) $55.00
*Root Rot & All Fusarium Species $120.00
*Pulses (All diseases) $85.00
*Ascochyta $75.00
True Loose Smut$65.00
*Vomitoxin $75.00
Germination (Cereals/Flax/Lentils/Mustard/Canola/Pea) $30.00
Germination in Sand (all crop kinds) $50.00
Germination (Chick Peas/Beans) $50.00
*Malting Germination$50.00
Purity (Cereals/Flax/Pulses)$30.00
Purity (Canola & Mustard-Cleaned)$40.00
Purity (Canola & Mustard-Un-cleaned)$80.00
Purity (AOSA-RULES – USA)$50.00
APHIS – PPQ 925 (Plus Purity)$30.00
CSI Monitoring (Plus Purity)$30.00
*1000 Kernels or Bushel Weight $20.00
Application of chemical treatments$20.00
Handling Surcharge of Treated Seeds$20.00
Rush order surcharge$50.00
Any additional request per hour $75.00


(*Denotes Advisory Test Only (Some tests may be sublet to other Labs)