Lendon Seed

Send a Sample:

A test result of a given seed lot can represents a huge amount of seed mass. Therefore sending a good representative sample is the responsibility of the sampler or sender.

Take random samples from each truck load while dumping in the bin and store the seed in a suitable container. Don’t use air tight plastic bags, air tight pails, tobacco, coffee or oil containers.

Avoid taking samples from just nearby bin door. This area is often prone to have high moisture causing heated and moldy grain.

The best recommended practice is to take a sample from the bin or bulk stored bags directly using a sample probe and proper probing technique.

Samples also can be obtained during grain cleaning at frequent intervals. Some cleaning plants are also equipped with an automatic sampling device.

Sample Size:

Germination/Vigor/Disease Test (Lentils/cereals/Flax/Canary Grass/Mustard/Canola) 200-300 grams (2-3 cups) or our small seed envelope.

Germination/ Vigor/ Disease Test (Chick Pea/ Pea/ Beans) 500 grams or our large seed envelope.

Purity Test (Durum/Wheat/ Pulses) minimum 1200 grams

Purity Test (Flax/ Canary grass/Canola & Mustards) 300-400 grams

Samples can be sent by:

Mail, courier, bus or dropped off at the lab. If you are dropping off samples in the mail box, make sure you have your name, address, phone number, and any lot number or sample identification along with test required on them. If possible, please enclose payment along with samples.

Please click here for a sample insert slip. (100kb)